Overpricing = Less Money

Overpricing = Less Money

  • Zena Lynch
  • 03/31/23

Why will overpricing lead to less money? ↓

You get one chance to make a first impression! The most interest from buyers will be generated in the first few days after your home is listed. 

Pricing your home at market value is more likely to lead to offers that are over the asking price. It's far better to have a multiple-offer situation than it is to have your home sit on the market after interest has waned. The longer it sits, the more buyers will assume that there is something wrong with it.

If your listing agent knows the house is overpriced, of course, every buyer's agent will know this as well! After it's listed, you will know it's overpriced by the number of showings and open house attendees.

If your home is priced above market value, you will be more likely to receive lowball offers, which are a waste of everyone's time! We have sold hundreds of homes, let us guide your pricing strategy so that after the sale, you have more money in your pocket.


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